moltosenso‘s core business is the design and the implementation of ICT solutions, through the innovative technology of the Wireless Sensor and Actuators Networks (WSANs). moltosenso offers monitoring and control services distributed in space and time. This is possible thanks to an innovative hardware-software platform, PROMETHEUS-IoT, completely designed by the company, which holds in house the following expertise:

  • hardware design and test (only production is in outsourcing);
  • cross-platform software design, development and test;
  • distributed intelligence (firmware) design, development and test.

The presence of these technical skills, together with a deep knowledge of the WSAN market and the daily adoption of best practices to effectively manage the company, make moltosenso a leading company in the WSAN landscape.
The platform, the intellectual properties and the peculiar innovation contents of the technological process are proprietary of the company.
The platform serves heterogeneous needs in multiple scenarios and generates a huge economic potential, by customizing the already designed platform for each single application.
moltosenso brings on the market reliable solutions, by gathering years of experiences of applied R&D from outstanding universities, as Politecnico di Torino, UC Berkeley, M.I.T., ftw (Wien). The development process within the company is led aside with dedicated industrial R&D.

Furthermore, the professional experiences, fully committed, drove the entrepreneurial idea to be raised with the best practices that a company must exploit to manage an innovative business.