the project

moltosenso is the first firm in the WSAN-IoT (Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network – Internet of Things) landscape having addressed the problem of delivering highly ad-hoc customized monitoring systems to a plurality of vertical markets.

By proposing a cost effective IoT solution, moltosenso aims at turning PROMETHEUS-IoT into the most used versatile WSAN platform available on the market.

Considering global IoT market expectations hitting 7.1€ trillion by 2020, moltosenso ambition is to set a standard in this market with an increasing share of 0.5% in 5 years.

As a multi-standard and scenario platform, PROMETHEUS-IoT is creating an ecosystem of providers and developers, empowering a multi-perspective use. PROMETHEUS-IoT use can be meaningful to the definition of a new era, where always-connected smart objects will pervade everyone’s daily life, under two perspectives:

  1. B2B, by means of turnkey, well-designed, end-to-end systems;
  2. B2C, thanks to patented easy plug&install feature, that will allow addressing home consumers.

Given its in house platform whole development, uniquely moltosenso is able to refine customized versions for each business trajectory identified. Differently from its competitors, moltosenso can offer a full Big Data exploitation, turning raw data into services.

The platform ongoing applications (structural monitoring at the Holy Shroud chapel (ITA), Separate Waste Collection Optimization Cycle (ITA&Sweden), Smart Lighting (US), smart home (ITA), DIY/Makers attention, etc) are proofs that the platform is gaining adopters in lots of heterogeneous scenarios.

These figures helped strengthening moltosenso online presence and markets confidence by pushing its expectations towards 50000+ downloads and an aggregated value of 224.464 contracts closed by 2019. The feasibility study has helped validating the soundness of the results achieved and at the same time consolidating the platform against complications brought by heterogeneous/conflicting requirements set by real word applications.