The idea of PROMETHEUS-IoT was turning moltosenso’s platform into the most used versatile WSAN platform available on the market. The company has developed its own patentable in-house approach that will disruptively unleash the IoT–WSAN markets potential (WSAN 1.8B$ and IoT 1.9T$ by 2020by simplifying the delivery of incremental, scalable and cost-effective monitoring-and-control services for lots of heterogeneous scenarios (environmental monitoring, telemedicine, building automation, fitness, smart metering, logistics, smart infotainment, oil well monitoring, smart crop, etc).

During the SME Instrument PHASE 1 project, the team has developed a feasibility study, where it has depicted why the platform is suitable for going to market, which are the most profitable markets and which roadmap should be followed in the future by the company.

At a glance, the feasibility study assesses a six-fold viability of such a multipurpose platform:

  1. Users assessment: the economic viability and sustainability of such a platform depends on the correct identification of users’ needs;
  2. Market assessment: a validation of the marketing targets and the forecast of units produced and sold;
  3. Technological assessment: will test both the real PROMETHEUS-IOT adaptability (technical customization) toward the highest number of different scenarios and the real scalability of the featured solutions, with an eye to the costs of the integration with legacy systems;
  4. Partners’ acquisition assessment: answers will be found to “is the platform enabling new services? Is it striving for better developing the IoT paradigm?”;
  5. Legal assessment: will questions whether collected data – in general – conflicts with legal/ethical requirements in Europe? Moreover, are certifications (CE for hardware, safety critical for certain kind of firmware, ATEX) easily addressable in an incremental fashion?;
  6. Sustainability assessment: will the reactions collected through the feasibility study dissemination, along with possible investors interest raised by the detailed business plan produced, offer an in depth on the project idea’s follow-up?